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15 de novembro

Mindfulness for coaches – how you can enable growth and transformation in yourself and others

Mindfulness training and practice can be deeply transformative – for you as a coach and for your clients. With regular practice it can powerfully change the way you relate to yourself, to others and to the world you live in. The rapid impact and absorption of mindfulness into our culture over the past few years has been driven by science.

Science that reveals how mindfulness can change your mind, brain, and body. In this session we will focus on your self-leadership and you leading others; your clients, using yourself as a tool. Mindfulness rests on a foundation that aligns with many of ICF's core competencies. Many coaches practicing mindfulness testify that they can increase their presence, their ability to create trust and safety, active listening, awareness, growth and more. We will combine short theory with exercises. The session will therefore provide actionable takeaways. We will focus on approaches that can be useful before, during and after coaching sessions.
We will clarify what happens in me as a coach when using mindfulness and what impact a mindful approach has on others.


09.00 - 09.45 

Orador: Margaretha Öström

Art Achieving inspiring and brilliant coaching success with artworks

We have learned to trust analysis and to devalue reflective approaches. This makes it all the more difficult to achieve deep self-reflection and insights with clients that bring about transforming changes in patterns.
Usually there is the misconception that self-reflection works with intensive thinking processes. In this session you will experience how famous artworks are used in coaching for self-reflection processes. Free your mind, get inspired and see what stunning results are possible!

  • Clarity about the central benefit of reflection competence.

  • How the Symbolon-Reflection-Model enables pattern transformation.

  • Self-reflection process with a masterpiece.

  • Art, coaching and AI – the new era of blended coaching


10.00 - 10.45 

Orador: Christine Kranz

The Future of Coaching - Vision & Reality

In this session Jonathan will explore the development of the coaching industry over past decades, and how the industry has been changing during the 2020’s through the emergence of digital coaching, the growth of coaching platforms and the emergence of AI coachbots. He will share the latest research studies highlighting the power of digital and the risks of AI. Finally he will explore what the future may hold for coaches and coaching, and suggest ways coaches can prepare for this future to emerge as tomorrow’s coaches.


11.00 - 11.45 

Orador: Prof Jonathan Passmore

Re-inventing yourself

Activate your Inner Child and become Unstoppable. We all are driven by our subconscious programs which are created through traumas and messages in our childhood. They are called triggers and shape our thinking about who we are as a person. They create convictions about ourselves which stand in the way of being fully present in our coaching sessions. In this session an exercise will help you to identify some of your triggers, and how to stand up for your inner child. Activating your inner child will put you in the role of the resourceful adult, with an open mind and released from emotional success blockers.


12.00 - 12.45 

Orador: Johan Van de Put

How Technology, including Artificial Intelligence, will Continue to Enhance the Coaching Practice


Decades ago coaching was carried out only face-to-face in-person and now almost all coaches use technology to reach clients across the globe in any time zone. Join us for a session that will put technology in perspective so that we understand how it will assist coaches. We'll explore current Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology as well as other applications such as coaching evaluation apps, virtual assistants, and client development applications. In addition, we'll dream about technology extensions that may easily improve your coaching productivity.

13.00 - 14.00 

Orador: Joel Digirolamo

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